Tax advisory services for private individuals and business owners: make sure you’re seeing the wood for the trees and get the best possible results.

What does a tax advisor actually do?

 Invoices, receivables, deadlines – do you dread doing your personal tax return every year? Why not make time for more important things and let our experts ensure you’re not paying more tax than you need. We’ll gladly handle all the formalities for you, answer business-related questions and represent you before the tax authorities or the finance courts. 

Do you have any questions? Fire away!

Can you honestly say that you understand German tax scales? Did you know how much you can save every year by using professional tax advisory services? Do you know what taxes apply to you as a self-employed professional? You’ve come to the right place with uniTreu. We offer comprehensive, personal tax advice – and a fair price-performance ratio.

uniTreu advises clients in Frankfurt and beyond.

Our client base includes private individuals, self-employed professionals, non-profit organisations and enterprises (both corporations and partnerships). uniTreu is based in Eschborn, in Germany’s central Rhine-Main region. We do more than provide expert tax advice within Frankfurt am Main – we’ve also expanded our client base to many other areas of Germany in recent years.

  • Preparation of business and private tax returns
  • Accounting support
  • Advice on basic tax law decisions 
  • Preparation of annual and consolidated financial statements 
  • Preparation of cash-based accounts for self-employed professionals and traders
  • Advice on and representation during external tax audits 

Advice on succession planning and company sales

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