Company audits: improve transparency and leverage your potential.

How do you benefit from an audit?  

Companies have to perform statutory audits of their annual financial statements every year – plus various special audits in the case of formations, transformations and other situations. But external tax audits are much more than a statutory obligation. They also provide valuable information on how you can potentially optimise internal processes and structures.

What are you planning for the future?

Did you know that professional tax advisors and auditors can help you discover untapped potential? We can identify opportunities for you – while naturally complying with all legal requirements for external financial reporting in accordance with national (HGB = German Commercial Code; AktG = German Public Companies Act; tax laws) and IFRS.

Comprehensive support for external tax audits

As an independent audit firm headquartered near Frankfurt in central Germany, we provide impartial advice based on many years of practical experience. We suggest concrete solutions and actively support senior management in decision-making.

  • External tax audits/audits of annual financial statements
  • Timely reporting to decision-makers at organisations with a variety of legal forms
  • Special audits such as due diligence reviews, audits to establish whether funds have been used in accordance with the articles of association, management audits and embezzlement audits
  • Audits in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) – which are legally binding in many countries in order to ensure the comparability of annual and consolidated financial statements

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